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Donation Made to JM’s Paws for a Cause

Pictured from left: JM Paws for a Cause Advisor Marcie Robbins, JM Paws for a Cause Advisor Christie Gary, Fabtabulous Custom Apparel owner Chuck Loy and JM 50th Anniversary Committee member David Parsons.

Owner of Fabtabulous Custom Apparel Chuck Loy has donated $800 to one of John Marshall High School’s most charitable organizations, Paws for a Cause.

Loy is a 1985 JMHS alumnus who was inspired by the 50th anniversary of the school to donate his profits from the many shirts he sold honoring the event.

Loy gave to Paws for a Cause to ensure the donation was in good hands. “That way it goes straight to the kids, right to the students,” said Loy.

Paws for a Cause is a volunteer club consisting of students from the National Honor Society, Youth Leadership Association and other students who enjoy volunteering their time at John Marshall High School. The group has done much to ensure students don’t go hungry, keeping a food pantry stocked at all times, and cold, carrying a large selection of clothes to choose from. The club also does a Christmas program that provides gifts for the students in need.

Paws for a Cause Advisor and JM English teacher Marcie Robbins is excited to see what the club can do to help the students. “We have about 50 students who we’re buying Christmas gifts for this year. So the money will really help for that.” Robbins believes the students from Paws for a Cause will certainly enjoy helping their peers as well. “The students who do the shopping absolutely love doing it. Even though they never know who they shop for, they really enjoy and have a great time shopping for these kids knowing it’s their classmates,” explained Robbins.

Article written by Ethan Cameron, Senior WJMH Broadcasting Student