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It is an honor for the Marshall County Literacy Council to announce its Rita Takach “Reading Teacher of the Year” for 2019.  Mindy Thomas, the fourth and fifth grade teacher at Sand Hill Elementary, was awarded the honor on Thursday, May 16, 2019 at the Spring Banquet. 

Mindy’s signature yearly activities make students look forward to coming into her class each fall.  Their favorite is the monthly reading challenges. They use interactive notebooks to learn skills, annotation, text evidence, vocabulary building and word studies.  She has Scholastic Book Sponsors. They celebrate their book box every month and get excited about being the first to “crack open the book” and “smell” its newness. 

She initiated the Living Wax Museum at several schools. She plans family events such as “Read and Feed,” “Enchanted Forest” and “Pardner Up” Reading Family Days.  She initiated the Social Studies Fair at the school, because it meets many literacy standards of reading, writing and speaking. Mindy promotes literacy with a book in their hands and a spark in their hearts. 

Her co-worker stated, “Mindy stands out among the rest because she works hard every year, every day and for every student.”  Sand Hill Elementary Principal Krenna Allender included, “While providing meaningful reading experiences for students and reading texts for authentic purposes, she continues to plan literacy-rich lessons that are meaningful, engaging and fun.” 

This past April, Mindy received the All-Star Teacher Award by the Pittsburgh Pirates, Chevron and Grable Foundation that recognizes outstanding teachers for their impact with students and contributions to the community.  Her principal concludes, “She is an exceptional literacy leader who continues to make a lasting impression with the students, families and community of Sand Hill Elementary.”

Congratulations to Mindy Thomas, Marshall County Literacy Council’s Reading Teacher of the Year.