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MMS Student Earns Good Samaritan Award

Moundsville City Manager Rick Healy presented Moundsville Middle School student Luke McCauley with a “Good Samaritan Award” for his actions following a recent accident involving his friend.

Luke and Carl Cochran, a freshman at John Marshall High School, were mountain bike riding at Grand Vue Park in Marshall County this past April. During the excursion Carl lost control of his bicycle. After hitting a tree, he was thrown off his bike.

Luke jumped into action by calling 911. He immediately discovered he didn’t have cell phone service. So Luke hiked to a neighboring home to call for help. He also called his dad and Carl’s mom. Luke continued to seek help by flagging down a passing motorist, who just happened to be a Brooke County Deputy Sheriff.  

Carl sustained several serious injuries from the crash such as a skull fracture, a broken shoulder in two places, broken bones around his eye and two fractured vertebrae. He was flown to Morgantown, where he spent 11 days in a coma because of traumatic head injuries. Once Carl awakened, it took him just one day to begin talking and walking again.

“The doctors have told us that if he didn’t have a helmet on, he would have died on impact,” explained Carl’s mother, Cathryn Cochran. “If he wouldn’t have been with a buddy, within two or three hours, he would have died.”

Luke’s mom, Gail, is thankful her son responded the way he did. “We’re so proud of him for keeping a level head and realizing right away he needed to call 911 and get his buddy some help.” 

Luke has been by Carl’s side throughout the entire recovery process. The two boys have been best friends since grade school.