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Bailey Sebroski from Moundsville Middle School, Liadan Smith from Our Lady of Peace School and Grace Gatts and Charles Heitz from Sherrard Middle School are being recognized for their outstanding knowledge of West Virginia history by being named the 2020 West Virginia Golden Horseshoe winners in Marshall County.

Given every year since 1931, the Golden Horseshoe test assesses student knowledge of state government, history, economics, geography and current events.

The Golden Horseshoe test is not a statewide competition which means 8th grade students compete against other 8th grade students who attend school in their own county. The number of winners per county is based on population.

Students with the highest scores in each county earn the distinguished Golden Horseshoe award. During a formal pinning ceremony, students are inducted as Knights of the Golden Horseshoe Society.

The four students who attend a school in Marshall County will be honored, with 8th graders from around the state, during a banquet at the WV Culture Center in Charleston with the day, date and time still to be determined by the state department.