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Employee Resources - Benefits - Please check here before calling the county office.

Delta Dental - Dental form and instructions.

Delta Vision - As of September 1, 2016, we no longer use Delta Vision.  We now use GVS.

GVS Forms available:  Click HERE for vision benefit summary.  Click HERE for GVS member access to website.  Click HERE for Out of Network Vision Services Claim Form.  Note:  Only family members under age 18 will show on the website due to HIPAA.

WV PEIA - Visit the site and click on "Manage My Benefits" to login and make yearly changes as needed.  You will need to create an online account before using the site to view or change your information.  PLAN YEAR 2020 OPEN ENROLLMENT IS OPEN APRIL 2 - MAY 15, 2019.

WV PEIA Change In Status Form - Click HERE for the form you have to submit to payroll whenever you have a status change event in your life (marriage, divorce, birth of a child, starting/ending a job, etc.)  If you have a change in status, please call Beth Phillips at the county office at 304-843-4400, ext. 341, to let her know.

Flexible Health Spending Account (NEW for 18-19) - This new plan may reduce your taxes and increase your spendable income.  Representatives will be in schools between April 16-27, but enrollment is open April 12 - May 21.  Sign up for your enrollment appointment and learn more about available benefits at

Employee Resources - Payroll - Please check here before calling the county office.

County Employee Login - Click HERE to login to the WVEIS site where you can get copies of prepared W2s, and see check stub history.

Federal W4 - Complete Form W-4 so that MCS can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay.  Click 2018 W4.

State WV/IT-104 - Complete this form and present it payroll to avoid any delay in adjusting the amount of state income tax to be withheld from your wages.  Click HERE.

Substitute "Call Out" System - Click HERE to login to the Substitute Employee Management System to enter any vacancy you may have.

Marriage or Divorce Packet - This packet includes multiple forms you may need to use during either of these life events (name/address/beneficiary change, etc.)  Click HERE for packet.

Benefit Estimate Form - Any employee considering retirement MUST complete and mail this form to the WV Consolidated Public Retirement Board.  THIS FORM DOES NOT OBLIGATE YOU.  However, before the board will send you their required retirement paperwork, this process must be completed.  It is not a quick process and may take months so send the form as soon as possible.  Click HERE for the form.

Employee Resources - Travel Related

IN COUNTY Reimbursement - Click HERE for the form.

OUT OF COUNTY Reimbursement - Click HERE for the form.

Employee Resources - Workers' Comp Related

Worker's Comp Report of Injury Form (Return to Beth Phillips) - Click HERE for the form.

Return to Work Packet (Give to Doctor, return form after appointment) - Click HERE for the form.