UHS All Class Years Alumni Reunion June 18, 2005


All graduates of Union High School are welcome to attend the Union High School 2005 reunion to be held June 18, 2005 at the Wesbanco Arena in Wheeling.  The reunion is also open to any classmate that may not have graduated but attended the school.

All Union High School classes that may have had a class specific reunion are encouraged to send an updated copy of their class list to the reunion committee.  Updates should include name and address changes and the names of any deceased class members.

Anyone wishing to do work on a class list or having information on alumni is asked
to contact Dorothy Bartlett at:  (304) 232-3318  or via e-mail at:  bartlett633@aol.com

E-Mail Contact List
Andrew G. Brunner -- brunnerag@aol.com