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Bus Rules

Rules for students who ride buses to and/or from school.

  1.    Observe same conduct as in the classroom.
  2.    Be courteous, use no profane language.
  3.    Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  4.    Keep the bus clean.
  5.    Cooperate with the driver.
  6.    Do not use tobacco.
  7.    Do not be destructive.
  8.    Stay in your seat.
  9.    Keep head, hands and feet inside the bus.
10.   Bus driver is authorized to assign seats.


a.    Walk on left side of road, facing traffic.
b.    Be at the designated bus stop at the scheduled time for bus arrival.
c.    Parents shall instruct students to wait for the bus on the proper
       side of  the  of the roadway, except where such would compromise their
       safety. ( Proper side of roadway shall mean on the right for the
       direction in  which the bus is traveling).
d.    Never stand or play on the roadway while waiting for the bus.
e.    Line up orderly, safely away from the traffic lane until the bus has
       completely stopped.
f.    Board the bus in a safe, orderly manner without pushing and shoving.
g.    Follow the bus operator's instruction carefully by proceeding safely
       and alertly when getting off the bus and/or crossing the roadway.
h.    Go home promptly after leaving the bus at the end of the school day.


a.    Go immediately to assigned seat and courteously share seats with
       others boarding the bus.
b.    Promptly report any damage or vandalism to seats.  Pupils can be held
c.    Change seats only with bus operator's permission, and only when bus
       is not in motion.
d.    Get on or off bus only when it is completely stopped.
e.    Cooperate with any monitor on duty.
f.    Cooperate with the bus operator to keep the bus clean.  Except when
       medically necessary, eating and/or drinking on the bus is prohibited.
g.    Observe classroom conduct, except for ordinary conversation, to enable
       the bus operator to give attention to safe driving.
h.    Avoid unnecessary conversation with the bus operator.
i.     Keep head and limbs inside bus windows at all times.
j.     Immediately report any open exit or released latch to the bus operator.
k.    Provide enrollment information to the bus operator as requested.
l.     No riding in stepwell or forward of front row of seats.
m.   No standing while bus is in motion any time a seat is available.
n.    No use of tobacco, alcohol, or controlled substances.
o.    No use of profane or obscene language.
p.    Do not throw or pass any object of any nature into or from the bus
       through a door or window.
q.    Unless directed by the bus operator, do not open emergency exits,
       except during emergencies.

Two pupils may be appointed to assist at the emergency door exit during emergency exits, practice drills or demonstrations for such exits.  More mature passengers should be assigned such responsibility.

The bus operator is in complete charge of the bus and passengers. Passengers must follow directions from the operator promptly and respectfully.

If any passenger should persist in violating these regulations, proper procedures will be followed by the bus operator and school administrative personnel to establish control and maintain safety.

Should any passenger persist in violating any of these rules and regulations, proper procedures will be followed by the bus operator and school administrative personnel to establish control and maintain safety.  Written notice of any action being taken shall be furnished the parent through the board of education bus such notice need not precede action by the bus operator in any emergency.

Any complaints of operators, pupils or parents, not specified in the above rules shall be reported promptly to the principal, transportation director or county superintendent.


School principals, teachers and bus operators shall work cooperatively in instructing all school pupils in rules and regulations governing transported pupils.  Special emphasis should be given pupil discipline while being transported on curricular and extracurricular trips other than to and from school.  The county board of education shall furnish a copy of the above regulations to the following persons:  superintendents, principals, and teachers of schools where pupils are transported; directors of transportation, bus operators, attendance directors and parents.