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This page will host tutorials/videos/user guides/etc. that will help you with WVEIS, Live Grades, and other technology issues.

Mark Moore of the WVDE has a ton of videos regarding the Microsoft Office family of programs (Word, PowerPoint, Teams, OneNote, etc.)  They can be found at


This shows administrators how they can tell which teachers have or have NOT finalized grades at the end of a grading period.

This shows teachers how they should update ALL of their classes at the beginning of the grading period BEFORE they enter any assignments.

McGraw-Hill's ConnectED

This shows how students can add their online textbooks to their existing accounts.  The student must have a REDEMPTION code from a teacher to do this.

Pearson EasyBridge - Teacher login

This shows teachers how to login and assign content to their existing classes in any Pearson product (SuccessNet/Plus/Realize/Dash).

Holt McDougal Online - Creating a class, adding book/students, finding student ids and passwords.

ThinkCentral - GO Math K-5.  How to login, add a class, add students to your class, what a student login looks like.

Pearson EasyBridge - Student login

This shows what students will see after the login to Pearson EasyBridge and their class is already setup with content.

This video shows how to use Internet Explorer 11 on a Windows 10 PC.  Internet Explorer is required for WVEIS on the WEB (WOW).