Free Activity Pass Offered to Marshall County Residents

Sample activity pass with the Marshall County Schools logo.

All Marshall County residents are eligible for a complimentary Marshall County Schools Activity Pass that will grant you free admission to county and school sponsored events such as musical performances and sports games.

Questions? Call 304-843-4400.


Who is eligible for a free activity pass?

All Marshall County citizens are eligible for a free activity pass. Marshall County Schools employee IDs and school-issue IDs of high school and middle school students can be used for free admission. Elementary students must get an activity pass when their parent or guardian apply. Children under the age of five do not need a pass and will be admitted for free. Senior citizens wishing to gain free admission to ALL county sanctioned events must upgrade their current county issued Senior Citizen Pass.

How do I get a free activity pass?

Visit the Marshall County Schools Board of Education office at 214 Middle Grave Creek Road any Wednesday, between June 7 and July 26, 2023, from 10:00 am until 6:00 pm to get your picture taken for your personalized activity pass. A proof of residency must be presented when you apply. Parents of elementary students, please bring your child with you to the BOE office when applying for your activity pass as each pass must include the pass holder’s picture.

Where can the free activity pass be used?

Every Marshall County Schools sponsored event including:

– WVSSAC Sanctioned Events at any Marshall County Schools Facility (excludes OVAC tournaments, sectional, regional and state events)

– Musicals and Plays

– Band, Chorus and Strings Concerts

– Queen of Queens Pageant

– JMHS Marching Band Showcase, Governor’s Cup Series

– Plus, Many More

You must bring your county-issued activity pass to each event to be granted free admission. You will not be permitted to usesomeone else’s activity pass.

The Marshall County Schools Activity Pass is good for admission only. There may be additional fees/costs at events such as parking, donations, concessions, souvenirs and more.

The free activity pass is made possible, in part, by the generosity of the Marshall County citizens who supported the renewal of the operating levy.