Troubleshooting Guide

Computers/monitors /other devices will not turn on:

1. Check to see if power cables are securely attached.

2. Check to see if power cords are plugged into an outlet.

3. Check to see if power strip is plugged in and turned on.

4. All you see is a black screen and computer is beeping.  Computer needs to be repaired.  Put in a Work Order.

No sound/volume on computer:

1. Click on speaker icon in bottom tray

a. Is volume too low?

b. Is volume muted?

2. Do you have sound with another program?

3. Are head phones plugged into the green speaker jack?

4. Do headphones have a volume button?

Computer will not access the Internet:

1. Are all the computers having the same problem? If so, the Internet is probably down.

2. Is the Internet cable plugged into the computer and to the port on the wall? (disconnect and re-connect at both ends).


1. Is the printer turned on?

2. Is the correct printer selected?

3. Is there paper in the printer?

4. Is there ink in the printer?

5. Is the printer installed on the computer?

6. Try turning the printer on and off.

Clearing /canceling print jobs:

1. Click start.  Find “Devices and Printers”

2. Click on printer you are printing to.

3. Click on “Documents in Queue.”

4. Highlight document that did not print.

5. Right click on document then choose cancel.

6. If prompted are you sure, choose yes.

Virtual Whiteboard- VWB

Intelliboard (numonics):

1. Icon in tray on the computer should be green.

a. Restart the computer and watch for Intelliboard to splash on the screen.

b. Is board connected to computer?

i. USB cable: connect to board and computer.

ii. Wireless: unplug power cord wait ten seconds the plug back in.

2. Pen will not work properly

a. Change pen battery (Use fresh batteries)

b. Tap pen on board to activate

c. Try another pen from another classroom

d. Is white tip still in place?

e. Virtual White Board (VWB) may need to be calibrated.

i. Tap on last hot key

ii. Select calibrate

iii. Touch pen to each + on board.

iv. Select OK when done.

v. If board will not calibrate (error message), the projector may be not centered on the board.  Put in Work Order.

ENO Board:

1. Whiteboard Icon in tray will be displayed if ENO board is connected to your computer via wireless connection.

a. Whiteboard with a red line through it in tray, ENO board is not connected.

2. Uncap pen close to computer so wireless connection can be made. The light on the pen will blink green then go out.

a. If green light continues to blink connection is not made.

i. Try changing the battery. (Use fresh batteries. Lithium are the best.)

ii. Reconnect pen under configure the Polyvision driver.

3. Click on whiteboard icon in tray, then choose Configure Polyvision driver.  Choose the hardware tab, then click on pair Eno stylus, and follow the on screen directions.

4. Touch and press the ENO Pen to the board. (do not bang it, it will damage the tip)

5. If prompted to calibrate the board then do so.

6. Replace cap when done to turn ENO pen off and save battery life.

7. Do not use a pen from another board.  It will not work.  Each pen is paired with the teacher’s computer in that room via a wireless Bluetooth connection.

8. If your pen stops working change the battery. If it still is not working, reset the tip or try a new tip.

9. Delete it from the Blue Tooth Menu, and reconnect the Dongle.

Document Camera:

1. Make sure camera is on

2. Make sure lens cap is off

3. Make sure the correct source is chosen ( usually computer 2 on projector remote)

4. Turn off camera and unplug power cord for ten seconds. Plug power cord back in and turn the power on.

Sound System:

1. Make sure the power is on.

2. Is the correct source for the sound selected Computer, DVD/VCR, Microphone A or B

3. Is the volume turned up

4. Is the Microphone turned on and fully charged

Safely Remove Hardware (USB drives):

1. On bottom tray, click on left carrot to expand tray.

2. Look for green arrow or check mark around USB icon.

3. Click on this icon

4. Choose device you want to safely remove

5. Wait for prompt to safely remove device

6. Remove device

7. Click on OK


Sometimes you need to restart the computer. If you are unable to shut down the computer properly, hold

power button in until computer shuts off, wait ten seconds and turn the computer on again.

USB drives can have a computer virus on them. They may automatically prompt you to open them on the screen

when they are connected to the computer. You should not open the files this way. The files on the USB

drive should be opened through File Explorer. The USB is assigned a drive letter by the

computer. Click on it to see the files on the USB drive.

***When nothing you have tried works, contact the school’s Technology Facilitator or complete a Work Order.***

Technology Assistance

To request technical assistance:

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