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For all FULL-TIME positions initially posted June 29, 2023, and later, visit the link below to apply.


This is the  NEW home for applying for positions with Marshall County Schools.  The state legislature has mandated that all school systems use this particular online job posting website.    All future positions will be posted through this system--the categories have changed so look at ALL vacancies to be sure not to miss any.

If you need assistance or have other questions, call the personnel department at 304-843-4400, ext. 310.  We do NOT accept paper applications.

Update:  The WVDE stated that the import feature from our old system to the new consortium system is not working properly.  Applicants who had an existing application in the old system are advised to create a new profile in the NEW system.  The password recovery function will not work if you are trying to recover a password from the old system.

If you are applying for a position and haven't used the system since before July 1, 2023, create a new profile.  Pay attention to any issues that prevent you from submitting an application.  If there are required fields left blank, you must enter information in them to continue.

If you are applying for a substitute teacher position, upload your college transcripts.

If you are applying for a substitute service personnel position, please upload your high school diploma and college transcripts if you have taken college classes.

If you are applying for an administrative position, please upload your undergraduate AND all graduate transcripts.  If called for an interview, bring proof of the last two years of evaluations.

How to Become a Substitute Teacher

Marshall County Schools currently evaluates and may hire substitute teachers with a four-year degree or more.  Visit HERE to learn more about becoming a substitute teacher.  Then, apply online with us.  IF you are selected, approved by the board, pass the background check, complete initial online training and orientation, MCS will approve your substitute teacher certification.  If you have not been hired by our board, we will not approve your certification--be patient.  If you a current WV certified teacher, you do not need substitute authorization/certification.

To avoid the creation of multiple accounts, your first step (if you have not already completed this) is to go to, choose register, and complete the information requested.  The login and password you are assigned will be the same login and password you use for WVLearns.  This is what is called a Webtop account (if you already have one, you do not need to create another.)

Initial substitute teachers without full teaching credentials must visit Substitute ( and login with your K12 email address (or Webtop account) and password to take the Initial Substitute Permit training.  If you want to be certified for long-term elementary education subbing, you must also take the Long Term Substitute Permit Reading module.  Email pdf copies of the certificate(s) of completion to the personnel department.

How to Become a Full-time Teacher

There are four option paths to gaining teacher certification (four-year degrees only).  Click HERE to learn more about the four options.

Option 1.  BRAND NEW graduates need to visit HERE and follow those instructions.  Call the state certification office at 304-558-7010 for guidance .

Option 2.  MCS currently does not have an option two program.

Option 3.  State-Approved Teacher Preparation Coursework.  Visit HERE to learn more about this option of taking courses through online vendors.

Option 4.  WVDE Alternative Certification Programs.  These are programs at WV institutions of higher education that can lead to certification.  Locally West Liberty University and Wheeling University have these programs.  Others in the state can be found HERE.

How to Prepare for Service Personnel Tests

Before becoming qualified to be a substitute or full-time service personnel, one must pass the written competency test (and sometimes a performance test as well.)  To prepare for the tests and to learn more about service personnel positions, click HERE and select the category of the position you are interested in.  That will open up the graphic and let you choose the title of the position you are interested in.  Questions about service personnel competency tests can be emailed to

Also, did you know that some CTE programs of study and industry credentials can substitute for taking these tests?  A list of the tests and their equivalents can be found HERE.


As required by Federal laws and regulations, the Marshall County Board of Education does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, disability or national origin in employment or in its educational programs and activities.

Inquiries may be referred to: David Soltesz, Title IX Coordinator, Marshall County Board of Education, PO Box 578, Moundsville, WV 26041, 304-843-4400; to Erin Cuffaro, Section 504 Coordinator, Marshall County Board of Education, PO Box 578, Moundsville, WV 26041, 304-843-4400; to the State Elimination of Sex Discrimination Project Coordinator, 304-558-7864; to the State Section 504 Coordinator, 304-558-2696, West Virginia Department of Education, Charleston, WV 25305; or to the U.S. Department of Education’s Director of the Office for Civil Rights, 215-656-8541.

Salary Schedules - This PDF contains salary schedules for the 2023-2024 school year including:  professional, substitute teachers, service, supplemental contracts, middle school coach/band, high school coach/band, principals, and administrative.  Click HERE for the PDF.