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Sherrard High School All Classes Reunion

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2009 All Class Reunion
Saturday - September 19th, 2009
"The Barn" on Eastern 4th Street, Moundsville, WV, 26041

Anyone who ever attended Sherrard High School at any time is welcome and is welcome to bring a friend.

More details will be posted at a later date.

Anyone wanting to help with updating our mailing list and preparing for this next event would be much appreciated. If you have memorabilia to bring please let us know. Last year we had display boards made up of such items and they were a big hit. We need your help to make this a success.

Please call:     Bonnie Sellers Murphy--232-3171
                  Mary Marsh Pettit --242-2886
                         Carol Andreas Ramser--232-4224

Alumni Update Information Needed
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Map & Directions

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All Alumni from Sherrard High School Welcome

Graduating Classes honored:
Class of 1938 (70 years)
Yearbook Missing - If you have this yearbook, please contact

Class of 1948 (60 years)
Yearbook Missing - If you have this yearbook, please contact

Class of 1958 (50 years)

Class of 1968 (40 years)



Help to make future Sherrard High School Reunions a Success

Come visit with your high school friends, enjoy a great dinner and dance, and listen to the music you remember for your high school years.  Don't forget to remind your friends so they don't miss the fun.

If you cannot attend and would like to write the alumni a letter telling with news about yourself, we would be glad to hear from you.  If it was not possible for you to attend and you would like to continue receiving notices of the reunion, a donation to help defer the cost of postage would be appreciated.  Anytime your addresses changes, please notify one of the officers so that records can be kept up to date.

*  If you no longer wish to receive invitations for the Alumni Reunions, please let us know.


Sherrard High School
Alumni Committee Members

Committee President                               Bonnie Sellers Murphy - 304-232-3171
                                                                  Mary Marsh Pettit ------ 304-242-2886
                                                                  Carol Andreas Ramser -- 304- 232-4224

Carla Garrison

Sherrard School Archives
(Photos and Historical Information)

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Click Here for the Sherrard Alumni E-mail Listing

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